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Catalog is the B2B ordering solution enabling manufacturers to bring their B2B commerce online and boost sales.

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sales reps, field sales reps,
and admin


buyers, suppliers and B2B end-customers.

6 SMBs

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expert web agencies in
B2B Commerce

Designed for ambitious SMBs

A solution designed exclusively for B2B SMBs. Modern and robust.

For your company
For your customers

Bring your catalog to life

Turn your catalog into an interactive experience and make it easier to share, explore and update.

Empower your customers

Save your sales team time by minimizing information requests (pricing, lead times, order status, product details).

Increase sales

Instantly showcase your promotions and consistently engage with your network of customers.

Eliminate manual data entry

Enable online purchasing and eliminate the need for manual order  transcription outside of EDI.

Personalized access to key information

All the answers to the questions frequently asked by your buyers are easily available: prices, current delivery times, order status, documents.

A fast and efficient purchasing journey

Our features are designed to avoid double entries, minimize time spent on order confirmation checks, and promote focused exploration of your catalog.

Constant engagement

A series of email notifications can assist and reassure customers at crucial moments during their purchasing journey.

How does it work?

Launch your
space with the help of our team


Import your data

We retrieve your data (customers, products, price grids) manually or through integrations with your systems.


Enrich your database

We help you enrich your internal data to improve your customers' experience.


Let your clients connect

Create logins for your customers. They will get clear instructions on how to best use your space.

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We have heard
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Launching my space must
be simple

Selling more is my priority, and digitizing my sales must meet this goal.

I don't want to lose the human touch

My customers should gain and not waste time

My teams must be
on board

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